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  1. From GM’s Desk
  2. Bioken Snake farm – Watamu
  3. Graffiti at Turtle Bay
  4. Vegan Dishes Turtle Bay
  5. Internship for Students
  6. Stage Park
  7. Turtle Bay’s Community Projects
  8. Sokoke Forest MTD Challenge 2019
  9. Now You Sea Turtles
  10. Kenya Tourism Board New Identity
  11. Uhuru Kenyatta Bans Single Use Plastic
  12. New Notes
  13. Kenya Airways Resumes Malindi Flights
  14. Kenya Airways and Delta Deal to US

Hello Everyone,

As those of you in Europe bask in the warmth of their summer here in Watamu we have experienced some much needed rainfall that has revived the greenery having helped to reduce the very high temperatures that we had been experiencing up until the end of April. The beach is looking as beautiful as ever and we are looking forward to a busy school holiday period in the months ahead.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to join a group of Watamu residents for a bike ride from Turtle Bay to Kulalu Camp which is located about 10kms from the Sala Gate. This was by no means the first time that people had done this 107 km ride but it was the first time that it had been done on tarmac. Yes the tarmacking of the road to the Sala gate entrance of Tsavo National Park is almost complete. The ride took us about 6 hours but the drive is now only about 1 hour 15 minutes. Day and overnight trips to the park will now be so much more convenient for our guests. Whilst the ride was a fabulous experience, the drive home in a car was blissfully quick.

In 2019 we have continued to see many familiar faces returning to visit and also some who have not been here for quite some time. It is always great to see our regulars returning and even better when they bring their friends with them. Don’t forget to take advantage of our ‘Turtle Passport scheme’ whereby you can earn bed nights for yourselves when you recommend/persuade ‘newbies’ to come and stay. Ask Nancy at front office for details of the scheme.

On a sad note Watamu recently experienced the tragic loss of Royjan Taylor after a short illness. Royjan ran the Bioken Snake Farm in Watamu as well as Taylor Holdings, a local building firm. He was only 44 and leaves his wife Clare and their children Eric and Joey. Royjan was a very dear friend and a staunch supporter of Turtle Bay Beach Club and has for many years been doing some incredible work with the Anti-Venom Trust who produce and administer anti-venom used in the treatment of snake bite. Many local people owe their lives to the tireless work that he has put in to this project. Royjan will be known to some of you from when he used to do Snake demos at the hotel. He was a real pillar in the Watamu community and he will be sorely missed by many far and wide and Turtle Bay will be working hard to ensure that his good work continues moving forward. The anti-venom which Royjan and his team have used to save so many lives is an expensive commodity to produce and it is funded by donations from well-wishers and supporters. If anybody is interested in supporting this initiative see the article in this newsletter.

As we look forward to the season ahead we also look forward to seeing many of you back at your favourite holiday spot and we can always guarantee you a warm Watamu welcome at Turtle Bay!!

So have a lovely summer wherever you are and we will hopefully see you soon.

Kind regards from a warm and sunny Watamu.


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